Cooking With Chinese Herbs

Cooking with Chinese Herbs

Join Frances in Oxfordshire for some practical days cooking with Chinese herbs. These are stand-alone days, each one with its own theme and ingredients, focusing on a specific aspect of Chinese dietary therapy.

The cooking days are suitable for acupuncturists and non-acupuncturists alike. If you are an acupuncturist interested in Chinese herbal medicine, but are not ready for the professional training, this is a gentle way to approach the study of herbs. It will give you self-help ideas for yourself and your patients, using safe food-like herbs that are commonly used in everyday Chinese cookery. Frances offers both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.

If you are not an acupuncturist, the days will give you enough information to begin to experiment safely with herbs in the kitchen. They can help you to improve your own health, and may also start to expose you to the rather beautiful philosophy at the root of Chinese medicine thinking.


The next series of cooking workshops will take place at the Cholsey Pavilion, starting in Spring 2015, dates to be announced.


Click here for two delicious and nutritious autumn stocks, that will help boost your immune system as the weather changes going into autumn. The herbs used can be found in most Chinese supermarkets.