Healing is the underlying dynamic of all of Frances’s work. It is the transmission of energy to the client such that the client’s own energy is boosted and self healing can occur. Healing energy directs and enhances the effects of therapeutic tools such as acupuncture, sounding or Chinese herbal medicine, but is also a therapy in its own right and can be done alone. Healing energy can be seen as colours or sensed in various ways, for example as warmth, cold or tingling. It can be transmitted through touch or sent mentally. Frances uses hands on healing, aura work, colour visualisation and energy-centre balancing to help clients restore their natural balance and harmony.

In Chinese medicine, energy work or healing is often called working with qi (qigong). In its widest sense qi means both the material stuff of life and the movement or functioning of life. Qi awareness in the body usually refers to the felt awareness of an energetic aspect of the physical being, or a felt sense of the connections within the body. Specific qigong movements and breathing exercises can help foster an individual’s qi awareness and balance the body to attain and maintain health. Qigong healing is the transmission of qi from one person to another? to foster balance and healing.

Some personal qigong or energy work is invaluable to help us face the trials and stresses of life with equanimity.