Pulse Diagnosis Seminars:
I found doing this pulse course really changed my clinical practice. It gave me the structure I needed to take a deeper look at my patients pulses, which ultimately has improved my practice. It’s made so much difference – you get to a position where you know you can do it – it’s possible. It calms you down.

Deb Connor
Acupuncture Practitioner, Manchester

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine: We were recommended to see Frances after we had been told that it was unlikely that we would conceive and the only medical options would increase our chances of miscarriage. Frances helped us see things from a more positive point of view and was patient, empathetic and understanding at every step of the way. Her holistic perspective encompassed everything from moods, diet, sleep behaviour, posture, exercise and general choices in our daily routine that have helped us towards a happier healthier lifestyle. We feel utterly blessed as we recently gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

Deborah Cohen
North London

Daoyin Exercises: I visited Frances after eleven years of repetitive strain injury and innumerable visits to doctors and specialists. Through the gentle but powerful movements she is teaching me, I have a last begun to understand, from the inside, the real root causes of my problem, for the first time. Frances has rare openness and insight into where problems lie, coupled with an ability to be completely supportive and yet challenging. I would warmly recommend her as a healer.

Imogen Barford
Harpist, North London

Pulse Diagnosis Seminars: This is a really beautiful system that puts order into a subject that is at times difficult and confusing. It is clear, precise – and absolutely the best.

Joanna Attwell
Tutor of Chinese Medicine, London

Chinese Herbal Medicine Training: Entering the world of herbs is daunting, mind-boggling, and utterly amazing. It’s the best thing you could ever do for yourself as a practitioner and your patients. You’ll see things through a different lens which will give a better understanding of your patients and therefore better treatments, even when they don’t take herbs. I cannot recommend it enough.

Liz Evans
Practitioner of Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine, Brighton

Mentoring: I started practising Chinese herbal medicine just over two years ago and am still finding my way. I really value the opportunity to meet other practitioners and to see how experienced practitioners reach a diagnosis and write a herbal formula. It is also very useful to see patients with a much wider range of health problems than I get to see in my own clinic, and to bring issues from my own patients.

Maggie Bavington
Practitioner of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, London

Cooking with Chinese Herbs Workshops: This has been a chance to learn about the usefulness of Chinese herbal cooking in a really open, creative and affirming environment. It really doesn’t matter how much knowledge you arrive with, you will leave more informed and also feeling enriched at many different levels.

Ros Charles

Acupuncture: I am a professional violinist and went to Fran when I was suffering severe problems with my left shoulder. I had no idea exactly what acupuncture was and had no preconceptions. I found it to be a strange sensation like a current flowing round an electrical circuit. Fran provided me not just with physical healing but also took the time to listen and work out what was stressful in my life. Fran is a very kind and caring person. She has restored me to health and I would and do recommend her to anyone.

Violinist, London