Acupuncture treatment is a key aspect of Chinese medicine, and is a method used by Frances alongside healing, sounding and Chinese herbal medicine. Chinese medicine is a name that refers to many traditions of Chinese medical practice, which can be traced back more than 2000 years. These traditions have at their root the ideas of qi, yin and yang and the five elements. If these are out of balance, then illness can result. Chinese medicine allows the practitioner to diagnose and treat the person not the disease, and thus the same disease can have differing treatment depending on the person. Thus all acupuncture treatments are individually tailored as needed.

In Chinese medicine, each organ has corresponding channels or pathways of qi that might, for example, run along the legs, arms or torso. Acupuncture is the art of needling specific points on these channels with fine needles so that the functioning of both the channel itself and its corresponding or related organs can be regulated. When the qi of the organs and channels is flowing harmoniously, the person will feel full of vitality and good health. These channels may also be treated with cups or moxa (cupping & moxibustion).

A unique combination of points is formulated for each treatment according to the needs of the patient. Disposable sterile needles only are used. Techniques using electrical stimulation of acupuncture points (electro-acupuncture), minute stimulation of the body’s own electrical capacity with ion pumping cords, and ear acupuncture are used where required. Frances is an acupuncture and herbal medicine member of the Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine (RCHM) and adheres to its code of ethics.

Can Acupuncture Treat the Spirit?

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Healing Needles

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