Cupping and Moxibuistion

Cupping & moxibustion are traditionally used alongside acupuncture to regulate the flow of qi, invigorate blood-flow, relieve tension and stimulate the elimination of toxins from the body. Cupping uses glass suction cups to strongly invigorate blood flow, eliminate toxins and stop pain. It can leave circular bruises which are entirely painless but can look dramatic. It is extremely useful for stiff, painful muscles.

Moxibustion is the art of burning a prepared form of the herb artemesia officinalis (moxa) on acupuncture points. Moxa can be applied to the head of the needle, can be applied directly to the skin, or can be held above an acupuncture point to gently warm it. Moxibustion is as important as acupuncture in regulating the qi flow in the channels.

Moxa also introduces warmth into the body. Many people, especially in Northern countries such as the United Kingdom, are chronically cold, and moxa is essential to their treatment. In addition, a Japanese forms of moxa called okyu or rice grain moxa has been shown to modulate the immune system, and can help increase resistance to disease, whether it is the common cold or something more chronic.

The modern equivalent of moxa is the infra-red heat lamp, and Frances uses one in her treatments when appropriate.