Appointments with Frances

Appointments with Frances

Please contact Frances to arrange a time or learn more about Frances Turner Clinic.

Appointments with Frances

Jing Fang Apprenticeship

To book a day, a term or a year at the Jing Fang Apprenticeship please contact Frances. She will ask you to print off, fill in and send the registration form, and will arrange payment with you directly.

Appointments with Frances

Song of the Mountains Audio CD

Frances talks about the writing and recording of the Song of the Mountains.

Composer: Frances Turner
Length: 27.08 minutes
Voice: Penelope Turner
Baroque violins: Frances Turner & Caroline Balding
Baroque cello: Alison McGillivray
Percussion: Richard Benjafield

Part 1: I Long for You
Part 2: Surrender
Part 3: The Sound of the World
Part 4: Roaming
Part 5: My Soul in You

Recorded by: David LeFeber, Metier Productions Ltc
Cover Painting: Mary Roantree
Booklet photographs: Susie Turner
Copyright: Frances S Turner 2006

£7.99 + PP