Pulses in Norway!

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This autumn I am much preoccupied by my Norwegian pulse diagnosis tour, organised by the Norwegian Akupunkturforeningen. So far, we have been blessed with the crystal clear light of a gorgeous Norwegian autumn, with blue skies and flaming autumn colours.

At the first seminar in Trondheim I was beautifully and serenely looked after by Vigdis Blindheim, who took me up the mountain to see views of this lovely town on the coast half way up Norway. The seminar was packed, and I was surprised to meet a whole roomful of deep pulses! I would like to know if all pulses so far North tend to be deep.

In Oslo, the pulses showed much more of the cross section of qualities we are used to in the south of England. Zen House gave us a home for the weekend, in a lovely space - with chandelier - and the seminar was lively and good humoured. I was very lucky to have Amanda Ody assisting me, and Anja Gravdal wined and dined us in style.

I really look forward to the next two visits - Stavanger at the end of this week, then Bergen in December. After so many Stage 1 Seminars, I hope to be able in the future to teach Stage 2, Silent Diagnosis.