Cooking Days

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It's cooking time again, and time to take stock - literally! Stocks are an amazing way to nourish ourselves, especially as the weather moves towards winter. On October 25th we will be cooking food to nourish the yin or fluid aspect of the body, and on December 6th to nourish the yang or warming and moving aspect of the body. 

Fish stocks are a wonderful way to nourish the yin, especially if you add seaweed and Chinese herbs. And for the yang, of course beef marrow bones are the business, unless you are vegetarian. Wallingford Butchers assure me that they will soon be getting in the cuts of meat that produce good marrow bones, so I am waiting for a chance to make a stock-pot full of winter warmer that I can freeze in portions to use in soups, stews and casseroles. They are happy to give us bones for a donation to their favourite charity.